Lotus Lantern International Meditation Center

As the Buddha taught, generosity or giving is an essential part of our practice. Generosity frees us from attachment. It also directly benefits others and an expression of our love and compassion for all beings. Generous donations from you will help and support for running Lotus Lantern international meditation center. Making donations doesn't require a lot of money. We have several different ways to allow donors to make contributions to Lotus Lantern International Meditation Center.
one-Year Lights : For people who wish to give a donation to the temple on a yearly basis and also have their family names read during the pray.
Lotus Lanterns : we make and sell handmade paper lotus lanterns in celebration of Buddha's Birthday, which always falls on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. The lanterns are hung inside and around the temple, and then are lit with candles on the night of Buddha's Birthday.
Traditionally in Korea, people purchase these lanterns and then write the names of their family members on a tag hanging from the base. This brings good fortune and merit for them and their family members in the year to come.
For maintenance of the center or lantern donations or one year lights, please write the names of your family members and send our office with you generosity. We welcome and appreciate your contributions and giving.

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  • Bank information

    Account Name : Lotus Lantern International Meditation Center (연등국제선원)
    The Name of the Bank : Nong Hyeop Bank ( NH Bank) (농협)
    Account No. : 355-0002-8587-13