Lotus Lantern International Buddhist Meditation Center

Lotus Lantern

Lotus Lantern International Buddhist Meditation Center. Korean Zen Buddhist meditation and practice. Templestay program in English, Russian and Korean languages. Monastic life experience. Explanation of Buddhist philosophy by foreign monks. Rest and relaxation in the temple on the Ganghwado island.

We welcome and invite you to the temple of natural surroundings, Lotus Lantern International Meditation Center. The center was opened in 1997 for all sentient beings' happiness by venerable Weon-Myeong Sunim, a disciple of the Great Seon Master Seongcheol Sunim.

Lotus Lantern

The center consists of 6 buildings: the Buddha Hall, the Seorae Meditation Hall, the Gogyeong Meditation Hall, the dormitory for monks, the guest room building and the library & office building; besides, there are gardens and a small land for cultivating vegetables, which is about 12,000 square meters. You can enjoy beautiful gardens and fresh air at the eco-friendly atmospheric center; Organic vegetables grown here will be partly served as your meals as well.

Monks and laypeople from different countries stay together in harmony and do practice Seon meditation. We offer the best circumstances and programs for practitioners and participants to learn Korean Buddhist culture and experience Seon meditation.

Please, journey to tranquility and experience Korean Seon meditation, Here and Now.


photos New photos from Templestay program.



MEDITATION RETREAT (October 29 - 1 Nov.)
There will be a fore days meditation retreat open to everybody. Joining part of the program only is also possible. If you are interested , please contact us via email : lotuslantern.net@gmail.com

Retreat program include :
1 introduction to meditation and other basic aspects of Buddhism
2. sitting and walking meditation
3. Chanting
4. Meals
5.tea time with monastics ( you are welcome to ask questions about Buddhism, practice, temple life)
6. Experience of copying sutras ( traditional caligraphy)

Meditation Retreat Schedule 2015
10월 October 29 - 1 nov
11월 November 19 - 22
12월 December 24 - 27


New photos from Templestay program.


New photos from Templestay program.


We are very proud to inform you, that our Center from now on accepts bitcoins as a donation and fee for the Temple Stay program!
Our bitcoin wallet is:

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